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Gary Johnson 2016 Gary Johnson President 2016

Gary Johnson is running for    President.   

​​​Gary doesn’t give up. Ever. 
• He turned a one-man handyman operation into the state's largest      
  construction company.
• As Governor, he was elected against the odds, and then re-elected. 
• He stopped overspending by vetoing more spending bills than any other
• He is an accomplished triathlete who has climbed the highest peak on each
  of the 7 continents.
• He placed third in the 2012 Presidential race with the highest number of
  votes for a Libertarian candidate in history. 

Gary wants good government...

• Cut taxes and balance the budget.

• Allow the private sector to create jobs.

• Term Limits for the US Congress.

• A government that adheres to its Constitutional limits. 
• Always protect our Personal Freedom.

• An Immigration policy that is fair and promotes jobs.

• A government that doesn't spy without warrants or due process.

• Gary supports our troops and wants a strong and smart defense that      works within budget constraints.

​Gary is like US -- the majority of Americans -- who are financially responsible and socially accepting.

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